How it Works

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Log in with Twitter, Facebook and scrape the social web

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Analyze any topic, term, hashtag or fan page

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Identify key influencers, opinions and contents

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Export data to your favorite Social Network Analysis tool

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Search for words, people, emoji, places and dates

Search for any keyword, hashtag, emoji or user mention filtering by date, location and language. Analyze fan pages. Setup your historical searches or collect posts in real-time.

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Get social media insights

Identify conversation peaks, hashtags, words and emoji most used, most active and influential users. Analyze conversation to hear what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry.

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Discover worldwide trends

Know which hashtags and hottest emerging topics of discussion are currently trending Worldwide (Twitter only). Worldwide trends are collected automatically and updated daily.

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Unleash the power of Social Network Analysis

User interactions, hashtag and emoji co-presence and semantic networks are available online and down-loadable in various formats for further analysis. Let Social Network Analysis helps you identify most relevant actors and contents in online conversations.